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Mobile is located on the northwest portion of Mobile Bay on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. It is the state’s only saltwater port and is the country’s 12th largest port. Mobile sits along a stretch of heavily traveled Interstate 10 and it is the largest city between New Orleans and St. Petersburg, Florida. Mobile is one of the oldest cities in America with a rich history of French, Spanish and British influence.

History of Mobile

French explorers founded Mobile over 300 years ago and declared it the capital of colonial French Louisiana. For 60 years, the French ruled the city and in this time built Fort Conde, a structure so large that it would be the size of what downtown Mobile is today. Over the next 100 years, Mobile was under British and Spanish rule until the United States took ownership in 1813.

Mobile is also home to the country’s first Mardi Gras celebration. It was started by French Catholic settlers in 1703 and the festivities continued until the start of the Civil War. It was Joe Cain, a Civil War veteran, who reignited Carnival by marching the streets with six fellow veterans. Since then, Mardi Gras in Mobile has evolved into a celebration of floats, balls and parades that are the main events of the Mobile social calendar. Today, the city of Mobile is a hub for the production of both aeronautical and nautical vessels with huge billion-dollar production facilities located all around Mobile County.

Resident Statistics

Over 412,9000 residents reside in Mobile County, making it the third most populated municipality in Alabama. The city of Mobile’s current population is 192,085 and the median age of residents is 36. Mobile has over 44,000 household families and 32,038 non family households.

Female residents: 52%

Male residents: 47%

Married residents: 40.3%

Divorced residents: 13.2%

Single residents: 59.6%

Married couples with children: 22.1%

Single family with children: 26.7%

Cost of Living in Mobile

The cost of living in Mobile is fairly reasonable compared to the rest of the country. The median income in Mobile is $39,241 and the average home price is $121,800. The unemployment rate in Mobile is 5.1%.

Events in Mobile

Mardi Gras is the most popular annual event in Mobile. It attracts thousands of revelers from all over the country. Attendees catch beads, Moon Pies and trinkets from those riding on the floats and marching in the parade.

The SouthSounds Music Festival is an annual celebration of music and art in the South. The event features many regional and local music acts as well as artists. It is held in downtown Mobile in April.

The MobFest Music Festival is another popular event held in downtown Mobile. It features music in all genres from surrounding cities. It is held in Cathedral Square in mid-July.

People from around the city and the Eastern Shore visit Mobile on New Year’s Eve for the annual Moon Pie Drop. A cutting of the world’s largest Moon Pie starts the party with performances by nationally known music acts. At the stroke of midnight, a 600-pound Moon Pie descends from the Trustmark building in downtown Mobile.

Back and Neck Pain Statistics

If you find yourself suffering from neck and back pain, then you should consider seeing a chiropractor. A licensed chiropractor will perform a necessary assessment of your pain concerns and he or she will conduct a series of treatments to help bring you relief.

Persistent back pain is one of the leading causes for people missing work and missing out on daily activities. Nearly 31 million Americans have experienced some sort of back pain and over 80% will suffer from it in their lifetime. People ages 30 to 40 are more likely to have back pain problems than those who are younger.

Neck pain is a more common problem, especially for those who are middle age. It ranks as one of the top five ailments plaguing people in the country. An estimated 30% to 50% of middle aged people have experienced neck pain.

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