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Neck Pain in Mobile, AL

Neck pain is a common problem among most individuals. It can affect anyone at any age and can be brought on by poor posture, an injury or a more serious condition called osteoarthritis. This is a condition that causes the protective cartilage between your bones to deteriorate. This can occur in parts of the body including the hands, knees and spine. Neck Pain can feel several different ways and can arise because of several factors.

Symptoms of Neck Pain 

One of the most noticeable signs is an increase in sensitivity to touch, motion or stress in the neck muscles. Other signs of neck pain include stiffness, restricted movement in the neck muscles and headaches. People can also experience spasms and increased tension and tightness in the muscles. 

Causes of Neck Pain 

Your neck does a lot of work by supporting the weight of your head. This makes it more susceptible to injuries and certain positioning that can result in increased pain. There are a variety of reasons for neck pain. Causes of neck pain may include:

  • Injuries: Whiplash normally occurs following a rear-end car accident. The quick, jerking motion of the head can strain the tissues in the neck resulting in intense pain. Sports-related injuries can also a great deal of pain if the player suffers a strike to the neck area. 
  • Strains in the Muscles: Muscle strains in the neck can occur very easily if a person is postured incorrectly. Sitting hunched over the computer or a smart device can strain these muscles. Teeth grinding or even reading a book can result in increased tension in the neck. 
  • Disease: Rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis and cancer are diseases known to cause neck pain problems. 
  • Joint Problems: As we age, the supportive cartilage between our joints begins to deteriorate causing bone spurs to form. Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis that causes this condition. 
  • Pinched Nerves: Pinched nerves, also known as trapped nerves, occur when there is pressure put on the site of a nerve. 

Who Suffers from Neck Pain? 

In the United States, neck pain affects 10% to 20% of the population and is considered to be in the top five pain disorders. Men ages 55 to 64 are 40% more likely to have neck pain issues than women. An estimated 28% of women have claimed to have had problems with neck pain.

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