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Knee Pain in Mobile, AL

Having chronic knee pain can be a crippling problem in your everyday life. Even simple actions like walking or bending can cause flare-ups of pain and irritation. It’s a horrible condition that’s often underplayed; under-analyzed by patients who just write it off as “wear and tear”. We hear all too often “I’m just getting old”, a phrase used as a means of diminishing the situation. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Your knee pain could be caused by numerous potential issues centered around the many joints and ligaments supporting your knees. It’s nearly impossible for the average person to know which ones are causing issues, and that’s why we recommend that you seek a professional chiropractor that can help you reduce or even eliminate that pain for good.

Many wouldn’t often associate a chiropractor with knee pain. Ordinarily, our work is centered on the spine, but chiropractors can also play a key role in hip and knee pain as well. A big consideration in choosing to see a chiropractor is that we won’t primarily advise temporary solutions to the pain issue. Many people suffering from chronic pain fall victim to the belief that temporary solutions, such as pain medication, are the one and only way to help it. But it’s just not the case. Painkillers play a role, but without attending to the issues at the root of the problem, your pain may continue on and even cause further damage.

Our solution is focused on a deep exploration of your pain that can help us analyze the root cause of your pain, be that osteoarthritis, weight displacement or anything else. Your chiropractor may examine other parts of your body as well. That’s actually normal, as issues that exist in one part of the body, such as the hips or spine, can cause pain in another, a kind of pain called referred pain. Other reasons for the pain sometimes include tense muscles, hip joint problems or even just genetics.

We’ll then create a targeted treatment plan, a detailed method by which we can reduce or eliminate your knee pain by dealing with the issues at their source. Our #1 goal is to reduce inflammation, increase range of movement and offer therapeutic techniques that can help to make it stay that way, ideally without the need for any surgeries or intensive medications along the way, so you can get back to the things you love to do the most. If you’re experiencing consistent knee pain, don’t hesitate. Call us at ChiroSouth today at 251-316-0010!

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